Letztes Wochenende wurde Iggy Pop sage und schreibe 70 Jahre alt! Metallica und Iggy teilten sich gemeinsam in Mexico City die Bühne. Zur Feier des Tages schickte ihm Frontmann James Hetfield per Videobotschaft seine Wünsche zum Geburtstag zu:  Hey, Iggy. Happy 70th birthday. You don't look a day over 30. I've enjoyed immensely getting to know you over this year and have nothing but respect and love for you and what you've done for rebellious music. And I just wanna say that you're not only a survivor but a huge inspiration for me as I battle on into older age and enjoy every moment of it. So I think everyone there, in honor of Iggy and his 70th, should take their shirts off. Yeah! Have the faith! Keep the faith, brother! Take your shirt off."
Oder seht selbst: https://www.facebook.com/iggypop/videos/1291031304306683/

  Hier das Video zum gemeinsamen Auftritt: